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Engine Diagnostics

Electrical fault finding, engine management faults and diagnostics testing in all US and Foreign cars.

The modern car engine, both gas and diesel, is controlled by an on-board computer (ECU) - Lee Myles has the sophisticated equipment, ability and experience to interrogate your system and locate the faults

Our primary function is the diagnosis and correction of faults and incorrect adjustments to maintain peak engine efficiency for your car.

Problems like poor starting, cutting out, misfiring, Most emission failure or an unexpected light on the dash board are all indications that your engine management needs to be checked.

We use the latest diagnostic equipment for accurate testing / setting of modern systems.

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)
VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number. All vehicles are assigned a VIN when they are manufactured. They are used to uniquely identify all vehicles. VINs are recorded in accidents, insurance records, and when work is done on a vehicle by a body shop, dealership or mechanic.

Should I include the VIN in my online listing?
Prospective car buyers can use the VIN to get a Vehicle History Report on your vehicle. It ensures them of the vehicle's history. This can help you sell your vehicle faster, because it can reduce questions and concerns on behalf of the buyer.